vintage camera watercolor giclee art print // SPARTUS // 8x10 print - home decor — wall art by eastashleystudio (24.00 USD)

760 - jump in a lake

we were talking for awhile but u never said u were gay

from Anonymous

Well then odds are either you or someone associated with you at the time said something ignorant & therefore made me not want to mention it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Gouache, ink on paper. Also available for purchase as a print.

You're going to hell for liking girls

from Anonymous

Will there be girls for me to kiss there at least?


"You’re going the wrong way"

Apple Watercolor Painting Print Giclee Fine Art Archival Original Hanging Fruit Branch Leaf Leaves Blossoms Kitchen Decor Food Red Pink by PainterPeeps (18.00 USD)
Welcome to my world. My name is Jordan.
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